Drug & Alcohol Assessment

We provide court-ordered Drug & Alcohol Assessments

The goal of this process is to help identify whether or not an individual’s alcohol and/or drug use is a problem.


  • We utilize 4 primary testing measures 

    • to get an accurate view of a persons substance use

  • 2 - 4 page report includes:

    • Medical Hx, Education & Employment Hx, Substance use Hx, Legal Hx, Family & Social Hx, Psychological Hx, (Depression Screening & Anxiety Screening depending on psychological Hx)

    • Summary of assessment results

    • Treatment recommendations

      • No Services needed at this time

      • Monitoring for further assessment

      • Outpatient Education Services

      • Community Support Groups

      • Individual Outpatient Counseling

      • Group Therapy

      • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

      • Partial Hospitalization or Day Treatment

      • Detoxification

      • Inpatient Treatment

  • No gathering or evaluation of outside paperwork

  • except the original court paperwork

  • No case management services