Virtual Classes

All classes are currently being taught via Google Meet due to COVID-19.

Classes will be taught by a live Licensed Instructor.
You can use your phone or computer to log in to the class but you must appear on-time to each class.

To help combat the spread of Coronavirus, TDLR requested and received authority from Governor Greg Abbott to suspend certain regulatory requirements to allow licensees of the Offender Education Program to provide more services through remote classroom instruction.

Select your class from the menu below to register and reserve your seat:

12 hour DWI Education or 1st time offender

32 hour DWI-Intervention or Repeat Offender Program

15 hour Drug Offender Education Program

Alcohol Education Program for Minors (Minor in Possession)

Texas Youth Tobacco Awareness Program

Why we do, What we do


When one of our owners found herself on the 92nd floor of 2 World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, it took a resolved mind to be amongst the surviving victims. Those 92 flights became her 92 Reasons.

Over time, those reasons, fueled by hope, has led to building a business and professional community that focuses on helping others find their own reasons to move forward.


This ideal is carried forward with each counselor and teacher we employ.  We conduct our counseling sessions and educational courses with a desire to be your advocate  along your journey, as you find your own reasons in life.